The concert benefited the Eldridge Street Project’s efforts to restore the synagogue, a National Historic Landmark, and to further its prominence as a cultural center.

As the final notes of Ben’s music swelled through the elegant sanctuary, the audience rose for an extended ovation. As noted by one reviewer, the “…packed house stood for Ben Zebelman, violinist Elizabeth Chang and cellist Maureen McDermott. But they were standing for Eldridge Street, too, and for all those before them who had come to the holy place that still stands, that still dazzles with a haunting visual music that is its own kind of awe.”




What the critics are saying about “Kol Nidre Variations”…




“Pianist Ben Zebelman has attempted something remarkable with Kol Nidre Variations. Does it work? Yes. The simple, centuries-old chant – transformed here into chamber music in four pieces – ends up sounding fresh and (thankfully) still powerful as an instrumental work. In all, it’s 39 minutes of moving, serene, and soulful music.”


                           - Jason Verlinde,




“This exquisite composition begins with the haunting strains of the Kol Nidre melody, but soon branches off in directions both lovely and fascinating.”





“Movements of this work would be appropriate for worship services, and the music’s inherent beauty should appeal to even the most casual classical listener…there is a structure and power to this gentle work that will have me returning to it again and again. Recommended.”


                          - Ralph Graves, Nine X




“…highly inspiring and spiritual.”  


                         - David J. Oestreicher, Town & Village    

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